Natalia Makarova

Martha Graham


Margot Fonteyn as Ophelia, 1942 


Leslie Caron

Baryshnikov is perfection

Ekaterina Maximova

smokingpeace asked: Hey love your blog, But I've got a question to ask.
I myself I have never danced EVER in my life, But
my only dream is to become a ballet dancer.
I am 17 and I wonder if it is too late for me to begin?

its never to late to dance, i promise. there are so many dancers, now principal dancers or soloists, who didn’t start until they were 16 or 17. I believe even Natalia Makarova, one of the greatest dancers, didn’t start until around your age, maybe a little younger.

it’s never to late to start dancing. if you have the dedication and the heart to become a dancer, it will happen.

good luck! i really hope you achieve your dream, and i hope this helped :) 


James Dean doing ballet. The usual.

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